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jobs in ibiza

Jobs in Ibiza

Jobs in Ibiza

Become an Escort in Ibiza

We are looking over new models, that are living for a short or long period of time, for our rich clients as famous politicians, businessmen less known or recognised, tourists or well known doctors, famous politicians, celebrities known all over around, great corporatists, ambasadors, etc.

If you are beautiful, atractive, sexy and young, feminine and you have a perfect body, this job is all that we need! Escorts Ibiza Agency™ is looking after serious models, sociable, good listeners, to have the sense of humour, the girls who love to have fun, to eat or to have around them businessmen.
You are welcome to apply for a job at our luxurious agency.

The requirements are below:

❤Maximum professionalism and seriousness in connection to agency and the client.
❤The age between 18 – 40 years old.
❤To have experience as model, and to be photogenic.
❤To look like a model, sexy, feminine, polite.
❤Healthy, clean, beautiful.
❤Open minded, sociable, ready for new adventures and new people.
❤Speaking English or/and Spanish.
❤Sparkling personality.


❤Fast growing success.
❤New experience.
❤Relax and traveling.
❤Extra earnings.

If you have the qualities and the proper aspect, you believe in yourself, we reccomend you to complete the form below.Our agency will send you back an answer in 7 working days, after you applied on our site.
We hope the you will be part of our professional model team!
With respect, Walter P.
Escorts ibiza™

* Your and client’s data protection and confidentiality are insured by the security standard “https” and the crypted data transfer.

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